20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (2023)

Rich and colorful in everythingthe history of Marvel Comics, in stories published by a large number of charactersMiracle. Some of it wasbad guys, other heroes. Some were weak, others extremely strong. Some loved it, some hated it, and the list goes on. In this article, we will focus on the most powerful Marvel characters. We bring you a list of the most powerful Marvel characters of all time, be they heroes or villains. The thing is, they are powerful and we plan to rank them to finally determine which one is the strongest.

List of the most powerful Marvel characters

20.get out

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (1)

Others: None
Debi:A journey into mystery#97 (listopad 1963; cameo) /A journey into mystery#99 (December 1963, complete)
Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Cooperation: Bad

Surtur is a fire demon, originally from Muspelheim, one of the nine worlds of Norse mythology, he lives at the end of the world waiting for Ragnarok, when he will kill men and gods. In his first encounter with Odin, after making an alliance with the Trolls and attempting to destroy the world, he was imprisoned within the Earth by the father of the gods. hoping to be released, he sent a winged horse to his jailer.

Freed by Loki, he and the storm giant Skagg attack Earth where he is confronted by the combined forces of Odin, Thor and Balder. he is stopped precisely by thunder, trapping him in a magnetic metal meteorite. Later, the prophetess Volla prophesies that Loki's release of Surtur will be the ultimate cause of Ragnarok and the destruction of the Norse gods.

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Summoned back to Earth by the Sons of Satan, he and the giant Ymir attack the Avengers, the Black Knight and Doctor Strange who manage to defeat him by pitting him against his ally. Surtur attempts to invade Asgard during Loki's reign, resulting in his downfall, but is ultimately repulsed and imprisoned.

Surtur is a powerful demonic entity and villain who has caused problems for the likes of Thor and Odin, so he deserves a spot on our list of the most powerful Marvel characters.


Others: None
Debi:A journey into mystery#83 (August 1962)
Created by: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby
Collaboration: Hero

Thor is the son of the father of the gods of Asgard, Odin, and the spirit of Earth Jord (avatar of Gaea). Odin's goal was to have a son who did not have any powers that did not come exclusively from the homeland of the sky gods. So Odin created a cave in Norway where Jord gave birth to Thor. Thor was raised among the Asgardians with the belief that Frigga, his father's lawful wife, was also his biological mother.

He spent his childhood throwing himself into various adventures together with his jealous half-brother Loki, friendsbald, Fundral, Hogun, Volstagg and his first loveLady Sifsoon, not denying the power and nobility of his heritage, Thor becomes Asgard's greatest warrior, skilled enough to wield the enchanted hammer Mjolnir and reclaim the Ring of the Nibelung on behalf of his father under the guise of "Siegfried", giving life to the eponymous legend.

However, all this leads the Asgard prince to develop an arrogant, impulsive and almost warlike character, so Odin decides to teach him the value of humility by banishing him to Earth (without memory and power) in a young man's body. weak, meek and lame. medical student Donald Blake, who after ten years opens a private clinic in New York and becomes a brilliant doctor known for his virtues of perseverance and compassion.

Realizing that he has now learned his lesson, Odin arranges for his son to go on vacation to Norway, in a cave, to find Mjolnir and regain his powers in time to prevent the Kronan alien invasion.

The "base version" of Thorhe may not be that powerful, but the feats this guy has accomplished over the years certainly make him worthy of a spot on this list of Marvel's strongest characters.

18.Uatu watcher

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (2)

Others: None
Debi:Fantastic Four#13 (April 1963)
Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Cooperation: Neutral

Uatu is an alien who is part of the Watcher race. Becoming virtually immortal after witnessing the destruction of an alien planet that had evolved due to the advanced technology they shared with the inhabitants, they decided they could mentally observe and record all events in the multiverse without interfering. Since the Watcher who gave him this technology was his father, Uatu began observing and saving worlds and universes, driven by the desire to find a planet where his father's work could be considered right.

Since the dawn of civilization, Uatu has resided in the blue zone of the Moon and observed the events unfolding on Earth 616 (the regular Marvel Universe). He first revealed himself to humans by saving the Fantastic Four from the Red Phantom, who had invaded the Blue Zone. He allowed the Fantastic Four to recall that encounter.

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The Fantastic Four met him again when he stopped the Criminal Molecule by throwing him into another dimension to stop him from destroying the Earth. Uatu helped the Fantastic Four several times, including during the wedding of Reed Richards and Susan Storm.

When the planet eaterGalactus has arrived on EarthUatu used his technology to hide the planet. However, Galactus arrived and refused to listen to the reasons of Wattus who tried to explain to him the greatness of humanity.To stop him, Uatu sent a human torch onto Galactus' shipto retrieve the one weapon the eater feared: the Ultimate Nullifier. In order not to release the dreaded Annulator, Galactus left Earth.

The Watchers may be neutral, but the levels of power these entities possess are truly immense, and while they may not be great fighters, they certainly deserve to be on this list of Marvel's most powerful characters.


20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (3)

Nadimak: David Charles Haller
Debi:New mutants#25 (March 1985)
Created by: Chris Claremont, Bill Sienkiewicz
Collaboration: Anti-Hero

Xavier meets Gabrielle while working in a psychiatric facility in Israel. While deciding to use his mental powers to relieve the prisoners' pain, Xavier has an affair with Gabrielle, and later, in Haifa, David is born from their relationship. But Xavier ignores the birth of the child.

As a young man, David is involved in a terrorist attack, where his mental power is activated for the first time, burning the minds of the terrorists and absorbing the mind of the terrorist leader, Cemil Karami, into his own. After the accident, David becomes catatonic and is hospitalized at Muir Island, a research facility run by Dr. Moira McTaggert.

While hospitalized, Karami possesses the telepathic abilities of Legion and other personalities absorbed by David, two of which are particularly powerful: Jack Wayne, an adventurer who controls telekinesis, and Cyndi, a rebellious girl who controls pyrokinesis. At the end of the battle between different personalities, Jemail, Jack and Cyndi are dominant.

While on the island, Legion awakens from his catatonic state and his psychic powers awaken. Soon after, he is possessed by the Shadow King, who uses his psychic power to increase hatred in the world and empower himself with evil energy. While possessed by the Legion, the Shadow King kills the mutant Destiny. He is later freed by the X-Men and X-Factor, but falls into a coma.

No one should wonder why Legion is on this list, since this Mutant probably isthe most powerful Mutant personin history. He has proven that he can wreak havoc, which is enough to list him here.


20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (4)

Nadimak: Gorr the God Butcher
Debi:Thor: God of Thunder#1 (January 2013)
Created by: Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic
Cooperation: Bad

Gore Bogoubojicawas born approximately 3000 years ago and grew up on an unnamed bare planet where earthquakes, water shortages and wild animals were a daily occurrence. No god helped the inhabitants of the planet, although they were very loyal and devoted to the gods, still blindly believing, praying and worshiping them.

Gorr's parents died when he was young, forcing him to grow up alone amid many hardships. As an adult, Arra's partner died in a powerful earthquake, as did his children who died as a result of various disasters that occurred on the planet. After the death of Hagar, the last of the surviving sons,Up, full of anger and resentmentto the gods for personal events and the events of his people, he came to believe that the gods could not exist, since they could not allow everything. this suffering.

These thoughts first of all led him to be marginalized and then banished from his tribe, so that he was destined to wander the desert hoping to die. During his wanderings he encountered two fighting creatures: one dark and creepy possessed by darkness and the other purple skinned with golden and glittering armor possessedsymbiosisthe god of Light, who became the then Captain of the Universe, that the Enigma Force was created through the One Force.

That's how Gor found out that the gods really exist and when the dark god, fallen and injured, asked him for help, he could only be convinced once and for all that they were not helping the needy like his family and people, but that he was himself.

Whatever type it iscapable of killing an Asgard godhe's a welcome addition to this list with relative ease, but Gorr is more than pure power—he's a character with a well-developed backstory that makes you root for the villain.

15. Deadpool (Weight)

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (5)

Pen name:Wade Wilson
Debi: New mutants#98 (1991)
Did:Fabian Nicieza, Rob Liefeld
Connection:Anti hero

Deadpool is the alter ego of Wade Winston Wilson, afictional characterappears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, his debutNew mutants#98 (1991). Because of its unusual nature and the general strangeness of its stories, it isone of the most popular comic book characters today.

Originally, Deadpool was portrayed as a supervillain when he first appearedNew mutantsand later in editionsX-Pleasebut later evolved into his most recognizable anti-hero persona.

Deadpool is actually a deformed mercenary with superhuman abilitiesaccelerated healing factorand physical abilities. The character is known as the "Merc with the Mouth" due to his tendency to constantly talk and make jokes, including breaking the fourth wall for humorous effect and gags.

Interestingly, that's what it was made forSuper-villain from DC ComicsDeathstroke, who completely inspired Deadpool's persona, including his name (real name and nickname), his origin, and his costume. The main difference is that Deathstroke is a serious supervillain and mercenary, while Deadpool is more on the comedic side. His adventures include many funny stories, and one even features him killing the entire Marvel Universe, including himself.

Okay, so we're starting our list with a slightly comical choice, but we just had to because – Deadpool is awesome. That is, the (in)famous version of DeadpoolDeadpool Killologymanaged to kill absolutely everyone in and out of the Marvel Universe, meaning that this deranged version of the already deranged Wade Wilsonstronger than anyone in the Marvel Universe.

Luckily,Weightit's not canon, but this iteration of the character still deserves a spot on our list, even if it's one of the lower ones.

14. Hulk

Nickname: Bruce Banner
Debi:The Incredible Hulk#1 (1962)
Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Collaboration: Hero

The Hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in stories published by Marvel Comics. The Hulk is the alter ego of the physical Bruce Banner, who is a normal human, without superhuman abilities. The character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made his debutThe Incredible Hulk#1 (1962) is still considered one of Marvel's most powerful characters today.

dr. Robert Bruce Banner is a brilliant physicist, but a physically weak, socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved man. During the experimental detonation of the gamma bomb, Banner saves the teenager Rick Jones who is taken to the training ground. Banner pushes Jones into a ditch to save him, but is hit in the explosion, absorbing massive amounts of gamma radiation.

He later woke up seemingly unscathed from the incident, but that night he transformed into a gray suit (yes, it was originally gray before it was repainted). The pursuing soldier named the creature "Hulk."

Banner's transformation into the Hulk was originally believed to be caused by the sunset, and reversed by the sunrise, but it was later revealed that anger was the cause. Banner, interestingly enough, is healedThe Incredible Hulk#4, but decided to restore the Hulk's powers using Banner's intelligence. He later became one of the founders of the Avengers.

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The Hulk is a green, large and muscular humanoid who possesses a large degreephysical strength. Both exist as separate dissident personalities in the same body and (generally) resent each other. Hulk's power level is usually transferred according to his anger level.

Usually depicted as a raging animal, the Hulk has been presented with other personalities based on Banner's broken psyche, from a mindless, destructive force, to a brilliant warrior or genius scientist in his own right.

Marvel's Green Goliath has proven his strength and invincibility many times. The Hulk is not omnipotent, but he is strong and powerful enough to challenge and even defeat some of Marvel's best and strongest characters.

Our stories have shown on several occasions that the Hulk is very difficult to defeat andalmost impossible to kill, which definitely makes him worthy of a spot on our list, especially some versions of the character that have appeared in various stories.

13th Grandmaster

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (6)

Nadimak: And Dwi Gast
Debi:The Avengers#69 (1969)
Created by: Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema
Cooperation: Bad

The Grandmaster is a fictional character from the Marvel Universe. The character who first appeared was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal BuscemaThe Avengers#69 (1969). He is a member of the group Elders of the Universe. The Grand Master is one of the most powerful Elders in the entire Universe. It is described as possessing a "Primal Force", a type of cosmic radiation resulting from the Big Bang.

However, his power is significantly lower than that of Galactus or the In-Betweener. It has been suggested that the Grandmaster can use - and in some cases has used - highly advanced technology to augment his abilities and perform mental feats that might otherwise be beyond his abilities. Although the extent of these mental abilities is unknown, he is believed to have access to and mastered technology far beyond human understanding.

En Dwi Gast has a highly developed superhuman intellect, including a vast knowledge of games and game theory far beyond any knowledge on Earth today. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of the thousands of exotic games played across the universe. With little information, he is able to calculate various probabilities in a tenth of a second and can remember countless rules or facts of the game.

He also has some extrasensory perception abilities that allow him to sense things in his environment that his normal senses cannot detect. He also maintains a psychic link with highly advanced computers on his homeworld, which expand and enhance his mental abilities.

Okay, Grandmaster isn't exactly the first choice we'd pick to defend us in a fight, but this guy is really, really strong. He is immortal, has supernatural physical attributes and has the ability to bring the dead back to life, and to top it all off, he is highly intelligent and an excellent tactician.

Again, many of the guys on this list—even some who didn't make it here—could knock him out in one fell swoop, but the Grand Master is still strong enough to be on our list of the most powerful Marvel characters ever.

12. Hercules

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (7)

Nickname: Hercules
Debi:Journey to the Mystery Annual#1 (1965)
Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Collaboration: Hero

Herculesis a deity and superhero appearing in stories published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, the fictional character first appeared inJourney to the Mystery Annual#1 (1965). The character was inspired by his counterpart from Greek mythology, Heracles, son of Zeus, but is better known by his Roman name Heracles. He was its longtime memberSuperhero teams Avengers and Defendersand starred in three limited series of the same name.

In 2008, he debuted with his own series calledIncredible Hercules. Presented in the comics as a character identical to the mythological figure of ancient Greece, his writers nevertheless renounced the adventures that were otherwise attributed to him. A confused bon vivant and playboy, sometimes with a grumpy nature, Hercules is also a good companion in adventures. Hercules, as a member of the Olympian gods, is one of the most powerful humanoids to ever walk the earth.

He has been seen uprooting a redwood tree or launching a spaceship into space with the power of his hands. The exact limits of his power are not known, but, if ancient legends are to be believed, he could replace the giant Atlas and support the sky on his shoulders.

Few opponents can stand up to him: onlythe incredible hulkand the god Thor showed themselvesable to compete with himby brute force. He is also a strong fighter, especially gifted in unarmed combat. He was also trained in martial arts by Iron Fist.

This Hercules is neither a hero from Greek mythology nor a popular Disney character. This Hercules is a very powerful figure in the history of Marvel Comics, a man known for his immense strength, strength surpassed by very few other characters.

Hercules is someone you'll definitely want to avoid fighting, as the sheer power – without his other powers – of this guy is enough to completely wipe you out in no time.

11. Lactose

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (8)

Pen name:Galan
Debi: Fantastic Four#48 (1966)
Did:Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

Galactus was actually a humanoid alien explorerknown as Galan of the Taa-an species. After passing through the star, Galan gained godlike powers and transformed into Galactus, a godlike entity who must devour planets because he feeds on their energy.His originit was further expanded to reveal that he lived in a previous universe, before the Big Bang that created the current one. Galactus still remains the last living being from the previous universe.

Due to his nature, Galactus has been an inspiration to many writers who have further explored his history and character. Being a godlike entity, Galactus is usually portrayed as having a very different sense of morality than normal humans, often putting him at odds with Earth's superheroes. He has a massive array of powers and is considered one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe, especially if he's energized after devouring several planets.

He is usually accompanied by a herald (the most famous being the Silver Surfer) to whom he has given cosmic powers. The Herald travels the universe looking for suitable planets for the Milky Way to feed on, in order to satisfy its endless hunger. While not impossible, it is extremely difficult to stop Galactus from devouring a planet once he decides to, so the best option is to leave the planet and let him be eaten.

The planet-devouring entity from Marvel Comics was a safe bet for this list. Galactus is feared throughout the galaxy and there are many reasons why people in space fear him. Galactus is powerful enough to devour a planet – several of them, for that matter – which speaks for itself in terms of power.

However, the ability to devour a planet is his weakness, in a way, because without it,he could possibly die, but this has only happened a handful of times in comic book history, meaning that Galactus is truly someone to be feared at all times.

10. Odin

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (9)

Nickname: Odin Borson
Debi:A journey into mystery#86 (1962)
Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Collaboration: Hero

Odin is the result of a union between an early Asgardian, Bor, and an ice giant, Bestl. The couple had two more sons, Willie and Bea. He claims the origin of the human race because he found the world too empty, but his father disagreed with him and created all kinds of plagues to destroy humanity.

During an attack by the ice giants, Bor was captured and turned into snow by an adult Loki from the future. Odin and his two brothers then took over the leadership of Asgard. They later faced the demon Surtur, and Vili and Ve did not survive, giving Odin their power before he died, which enhanced his powers and was the origin of the Odinforce. Later, the one and only king of Asgard imprisoned Surtur in the center of the Earth after allying himself with the trolls.

Odin fell in love with the Earth goddess Gaia and wanted a son with her who would be as powerful in Asgard as he was on Earth. He built a cave in Norway to give birth to the future god of thunder, Thor. He took Thor with him to Asgard and his wife Frigga raised him as her own son.

Marvel's version of the Norse god is one of the most evil comic book characters ever created. Odin is not only strong, he is fearless and quite cold in his demeanor, which is why comic book fans love him so much. But, really, Odin is extremely powerful, even very powerful villains like e.gThanos avoids fighting him.

His past efforts are well documented and in that sense, Odin definitely deserves a spot on our list as one of Marvel's most powerful characters ever.

9. Amatsu-Mikaboshi

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (10)

Nickname: King of Chaos
Debi:Thor: Blood Oath#6 (2006)
Created by: Michael Oeming, Scott Kolins
Cooperation: Bad

Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the King of Chaos, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is generally portrayed as a supervillain and demonic god of evil who is best known as the enemy of Hercules and Thor. It is based on Mikaboshi from Japanese mythology and the gods of Japan known as Kami.

Mikaboshi possesses enormous supernatural power, which is clearly inherent in him. He can use this mystical energy for various effects, including his ability to change shape and form. he very often assumed a female form to appear harmless. Otherwise, he is almost always depicted as a shadowy being of dark energy with a mask over his face.

It can transform its limbs into sharp blades or form tentacles to attack enemies. he can also assume the form of a fire-breathing serpent, which Apollo's fire could not affect, and which he was able to retaliate with a burst of fire powerful enough to destroy and overthrow even the Olympian sun deity.

He used the powers of flight, teleportation, mystical energy projection such as force blasts, invisibility, matter manipulation, image projection, and the creation of interdimensional nexus points among other feats such as creating "shadows" to avoid detection. from high-level dark magical entities such as the Nightmare to the realm of the latter.

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His power is so great that he can control many lesser demons, as well as animate and manipulate corpsesveryat will. Additionally, even the Kami themselves seem to distrust and fear Mikaboshi, whom they see as their greatest enemy, especially since he himself sacrificed much of his pantheon.

Mikaboshi was able to kill even terrifying alien deities, destroying the Demogorge (an entity that devoured the Elder Gods) with relatively little effort, as well as paralyzing and killing Heavenly Parents like Jupiter by ripping out their hearts in seconds.

Amatsu-Mikaboshi or the King of Chaos is a very powerful deity that appears in Marvel stories. His powers are truly amazing and include immortality, reality manipulation, invisibility, strength, healing, durability, shapeshifting and much, much more. In this sense, he is more powerful than Odin and many other extremely powerful deities from the Marvel fictional universe.

Mikaboshi is a dangerous opponent and for that matter he certainly deserves a place on our list.

8. Cyttorak

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (11)

Others: None
Debi:Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#44 (1992)
Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Alex Toth
Cooperation: Bad

Cyttorak is a mystical entity appearing in comic books published by Marvel. Created by writer Stan Lee and artists Jack Kirby and Alex Toth, the fictional character is first mentioned in a comic book.Strange stories#124 (1964), but first appeared inDoctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#44 (1992). He is one of the mystical entities who are endowed with immenseMagic powersand of various origins, often extradimensional, that seem to share certain characteristics of both gods and demons.

Cyttorak is a demon revered as such on Earth in the distant past. Several centuries ago, he was banished from Earth and imprisoned in the Purple World, a timeless extradimensional world in which time does not flow, of which he became the ruler.

He already existed in the time of the witch Morgana (seventh century) and bestowed his magic on his devotees who served him, as shown by Morgana using purple ribbons to easily bind Dr. Strange and Bollar. About 1,000 years ago, eight great magical beings—Balthakk, Farallah, Ikonn, Krakkan, Raggadorr, Valtorr, Watoomb, and Cyttorak—gathered to determine who was the most powerful of them all, each vying for it. title.

They formed the Octessence by each pouring an ounce of their power into an artifact intended for the first human to touch it to become the "Pattern," an avatar of said entity.

Their servants built the temples and the demons agreed that the Exemplars should be tasked with building a magical machine that would destroy the will of humanity, allowing them to rule one eighth of the world. The exemplars would then go to war with each other, leaving only one winner.

Cyttorak is a monstrous deity and magical being, arguably the most powerful magical entity in the Marvel Universe. He is the source of power for many magical characters in the Marvel Universe, including Doctor Strange, despite being a supervillain.

Within his Crimson Cosmos, Cyttorak is absolutely omnipotent (sort ofMephistoin his own hell), but even outside of his own realm, Cyttorak is extremely powerful and dangerous, which is why we put him so high on our list.

7. Feniksova sila

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (12)

Nadimak: Various
Debi:Creepy X-Men#101 (1976)
Created by: Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum
Collaboration: Hero/Villain

The Phoenix Force is a fictional comic book entity created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum in 1976, appearing in stories published by Marvel Comics. It is a cosmic entity of immense power that over its millennia of existence has chosen beings of many species as its hosts in order to fulfill its mission (usually favoring the evolutionary progress of some worlds over others).

After completing its mission, the Phoenix Force returns to a peaceful state within itself in the so-called "White Hot Room", a sort of remote place in space and time where it remains to incubate until its next return.

The Phoenix Force has tremendous power over matter. Specifically, he is able to control atoms and molecules at will. When manifested, the Entity takes the characteristic form of a bird of pure self-igniting flame. When choosing a host, the Phoenix Force usually grants the host a significant portion of its cosmic powers.

It usually enhances traits and powers that already exist in that person, for example when she chose Jean Gray she maxed out her telekinesis and telepathy.

The phoenix force can be considered, depending on the circumstances, both a benevolent and a malevolent entity. For example, in many cases it helped ensure progress on Earth, in other cases it destroyed entire solar systems. This largely depends on its mission and the interaction it develops with its host. On Earth, he developed a strong attraction to Jean Gray and the people he loves. Her relationship with Jean was always ambivalent.

After rescuing her and keeping her in hibernation for a long time, the Phoenix Force absorbed her memories, then assumed her identity and place among the X-Men, and then became the Dark Phoenix, a terrifyingly dangerous and destructive entity. Jean later returned and was able to control this entity with some success.

After his death, Jean Gray became the White Phoenix of the Crown, a wise spirit housed in the White Hot Room, along with all the spirits of those the entity possessed over time, gaining such power that they were only inferior and exclusive to the Living Tribunal and the One-Beyond - All of them.

The Phoenix Force is pure energy, and as such it needs a host to properly channel its powers. Because of this, he occupied the bodies of various characters such as Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, Emma Frost and even Professor X.

The Phoenix Force can manipulate and absorb energy, but the sheer power it embodies is so powerful that it can wipe out even similar characters like Galactus and similar characters, and we've already said how powerful all of these entities are.

6. Thanos (s Infinity Gauntlet) / King Thanos

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (13)

Others: None
Debi:The invincible Iron Man#55 (1973)
Created by: Jim Starlin
Cooperation: Bad

Thanos was inspired by Freud's concept of "Death", just as his brother, Cupid, was inspired by Freud's concept of the same name. Thanos was born on Titan, one of Saturn's moonsa member of the Eternals.He is the son of A'lar and Sui-San, two Eternals, but also a carrier of the Deviants gene, which explains his physical experience.

Believing him to be a threat to the universe, his mother wanted him killed, but his father prevented her. As a child he was a pacifist and only played with his brother and their pets.

He later became fascinated with nihilism and the concept of death, eventually falling in love with Mistress of Death, the embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe. Not long after, Thanos became a supervillain, at first a simple pirate, but soon he had more grandiose plans.

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He was not satisfied with simple piracy. he wanted more. Many more. Thanos wanted absolute power, to dominate the entire universe and become the most powerful being in the world. Because of this, he wanted to collect the infinity stones so he could shape reality to his will. Many of his actions are motivated by his love for the Mistress of Death, in whose name he has killed many times.

Well, we couldn't quite come up with a list without Thanos, but - as with Deadpool - we had to be a little more specific. Thanos only deserves a place on this list if he has the powerful Infinity Gauntlet with him, or if we're talking about the powerful iteration of King Thanos of the character who managed to conquer the entire universe except for the younger version of himself, but that's not He's not really a matter of strength but of will.

These two versions of Thanos can do almost anything, but since they're not really everything, but practically everything, they don't deserve a place on our list anymore.

5. Franklin Richards

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (14)

Nickname: Franklin Benjamin Richards
Debi:Fantastic Four Annual#6 (1968)
Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Collaboration: Hero

Franklin Richards is a superhero who appears in stories published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, the fictional character first appeared inFantastic Four Annual#6 (1968). The son of Reed Richards (a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic), the leader of the Fantastic Four, and Jane Storm (a.k.a. The Invisible Woman), Franklin is usually portrayed as a young child with a nascent, if inexperienced, super heritage.

He is a mutant above Omega level with immense reality manipulation and psychic powers. In particular, it has the power to "distort reality", i.e. promote any thought or desire, even on a mundane level.

He is also able to rearrange the molecular structure of matter and has been shown to possess immense psychic powers, including telepathy, telekinesis, emitting energy bursts (earthquake forces), precognition and astral projection. Still a child, Franklin's abilities are currently somewhat undermined by his limited control.

Additionally, it is unclear what level of power Franklin will eventually reach as an adult, as several future incarnations of Franklin from alternate realities, as well as the mainstream Marvel Universe, have shown his power level to vary. An alternate manifestation of Franklin in adult form was able to destroy two Earth 4280 Celestials during physical combat. after their defeat, Franklin's immortality is greatly implicated.

The same person also grabbed the power of his younger self to resurrect and transform Galactus into his personal herald after the Devourer of Worlds was knocked unconscious in battle against the Celestial Army. In terms of yet unrealized potential, Franklin is widely regarded as the most powerful Earth mutant in the Marvel Universe.

The son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, Franklin Richards is a rare example of an omega-level mutant, which in itself means that he is extremely strong. Franklin Richards may seem weak, but this guy is actually capable of altering and influencing reality at will, making him more powerful than most other Marvel characters. his powers are comparable to those of the Celestials.

Being perhaps the most powerful mutant ever, Franklin Richards is so inherently powerful that we had to put him so high on our list, and we have no regrets.

4. Eternity

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (15)

Others: None
Debi:Strange stories#138 (1965)
Created by: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko
Cooperation: Neutral

Eternity is a cosmic entity that appears in stories published by Marvel Comics. He was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, the first mentioned fictional characterStrange stories#134 (1965) and first appeared inStrange stories#138 (1965).

Eternity is an abstract entity represented as the embodiment of time. He is the companion of Apiris, the latter personifies space. Eternity has no physical body since it exists everywhere and at all times (omnipresence). He is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe and, as the name suggests, he is immortal.

He has the ability to manipulate the universe at will, as well as space, time, matter, energy and magic. Almost omniscient and omnipotent, he possesses almost unlimited cosmic power, able to control all that exists along with the time flow of our universe.

As an abstract entity, when it needs to communicate with physical beings, it uses the Manifestation Dimension to create a physical body (or M-body, for manifestation). When united with the Infinite, he possesses the combined power of the entire space-time continuum. Thanos, who wore the Infinity Gauntlet, defined his power as greater than that of the Lords of Chaos and the Lords of Order, but lower than that of the Living Tribunal.

Among his siblings – Infinity, Death and Oblivion – Eternity was chosen because he is the embodiment of time in the Marvel Universe. He's extremely powerful, as you'd expect from the embodiment of time, but he can also manipulate reality, which gives him additional powers and makes him a truly formidable foe that you'd rather avoid than face in direct combat.

Eternity rightfully deserves such a high spot on our list and is undoubtedly very close to the most powerful cosmic beings occupying the top three spots on this list.

3. Living court

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (16)

Others: None
Debi:Strange stories#157 (1967)
Created by: Stan Lee, Marie Severin, Herb Trimpe
Cooperation: Neutral

Until a few years after the second secret wars, the Living Court was maintained at a power level where it could easily detonate the stars, and that was that. It wasn't until two decades after the character's introduction that he was retroactively reformed as possessing an infinite scale of power in at least 16 dimensions beyond human comprehension. As an embodimentMarvel Multiverse, represents the sum of all abstract entities contained within.

He exercises his authority over all the alternate realities in the multiverse – but probably not over the entire universe. As a result, they are one of the few living beings that do not have alternate counterparts on a parallel earth, remaining unique in the multiverse.

He can monitor the entire multiverse at once and analyze the vast amount of information he receives in this way, making him a true omniscient. The cosmic power of the Living Tribunal is seemingly limitless. he is able to obliterate planets and stars at will or form completely impenetrable barriers around entire planets or even entire universes.

He is even able to nullify the power of the Infinity Gems, preventing them from being shared. Before it can act, the three members of the Court must agree on a unanimous verdict. Thanos, who held the Infinity Gauntlet, ranked the power of the Living Judgment as the highest in the hierarchy of the regular multiverse of the Marvel Universe. However, the Tribunal also referred to a superior entity that greatly overshadows its own power16 and was easily killed by the Beyonders.

The Living Tribunal is the herald of the One-Above-All and is one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe. He can destroy realities, he is extremely powerful, and he can do little. He's feared by many – even Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Thanos doesn't dare challenge him – but he's proven vulnerable against the Beyonder, which is why we put him here on our list and no further.

You shouldn't mess with the Living Tribunal unless you're a Beyonder.

2. Beyond that

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (17)

Pen name:Nobody
Debi: Secret Wars#1 (May 1984)
Did:Jim Suter, Mike Zeck

The Beyonder is a cosmic entity that appears in stories published by Marvel Comics. A fictional character created by writer Jim Shooter and artist Mike Zeck, he first appeared inSecret Wars#1 (1984). When creating a character forSecret WarsIn history, the Beyonder's power was seemingly limitless.

Omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent in his entire universe, he would prove more powerful than even the cosmic being Galactus (who he easily managed to bring to Battleworld and overwhelm with a single energy projection). He repelled Galactus "like a bug" and overwhelmed the energy built by the Taa II, Galactus' world ship.

During this event, Doctor Doom experienced the Beyonder's powers, after stealing them from him, and discovered their full extent: he could read the wishes of everyone around him and his every wish came true. However, there was a trade-off: all of Doom's thoughts - conscious and unconscious - became reality if he didn't control them. Therefore, using the power of the Beyonder required constant focus and a complete absence of personal desire.

During this event, the Beyonder destroyed the galaxy on a whim to fulfill one of his needs, and in the second episode it was revealed that he can suppress Death himself or destroy the Devil (Mephisto) and his hellish kingdom. To avoid this, Mephisto tried to defeat him with cunning (showing his inferiority in terms of sheer power, even on his own soil). The power of the Beyonder was therefore used in other dimensions as well.

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Even weakened, the Beyonder was able to capture a being composed of sound waves like Klaw. In his human form (according toSecret Wars II), however its strength has decreased. vulnerable, he felt sharp pain when cut by Wolverine's claws or when he fell from the top of a building. However, he still managed to survive these trials, even though this human incarnation also made him deadly.

In this form it was also possible to manipulate matter and spirits and be transported to various parts of the universe. He could even face and defeat the Celestials. That all changed somewhat when Shooter left Marvel, so the current iteration of the Beyonder is significantly weaker.

For those not well versed in Marvel lore, the Beyonder might be an odd choice, but this guy is extremely powerful and many people agree that he is second only to the One-Above-All. There's little this guy can't do, and his immense powers even put him above the extremely powerful Living Court.

That's why the Beyonder is so high on our list and we're confident it's the right decision.

1. One-Above-All

20 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked) (18)

Others: None
Debi:Fantastic Four#511 (2004)
Stvorili: Mark Waid, Mike Wieringo
Cooperation: Neutral

One Above All (alternatively One-Above-All) is a fictional deity from the Marvel Universe who is depicted as the creator of the entire Multiverse. Although his presence was part of the Marvel mythos early on, he didn't appear until 2004Fantastic Four#511, where he appeared as Jack Kirby. Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo are considered its creators.

The design of The One Above All has changed and today many suspect that it is not (anymore?) Jack Kirby, but Stan Lee, although this has never been officially confirmed.

Apparently responsible for the existence of all life in the Multiverse and possibly beyond, the One Above All is the master and sole superior of the cosmic overseer and arbiter known as the Living Tribunal, whose persons, embodying equality, vengeance and necessity, are in perfect harmony with each other as he judges .

Although he appeared in various stories, The One Above All is most associated with the Fantastic Four, as they were the first characters to see him in his first appearance. he credited them for their heroism and promised them new adventures as they revive the Thing. He also appeared in Spider-Man, disguised as a homeless man, and had a meeting with Thanos and Adam Warlock.

The interesting thing about the One Above All is that while he has all the characteristics of an Abrahamic deity, he is far more benevolent than an actual Abrahamic god or the seemingly objective Presence of the DC Universe. In particular, as revealed, the main driving force of the One Above All – and the main driving force of the universe – is Love, which is a very interesting twist that you wouldn't expect from such an all-powerful being.

This is what makes The One Above All so special and why he is always cited as one of the most interesting comic book characters ever.

There is absolutely no doubt that the One-Above-All is Marvel's most powerful character. He is depicted as the creator of everything in the Marvel Universe and as the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent entity upon which Marvel is based. The One-Above-All has its weaknesses, as shown in the comic book story, but is nonetheless extremely powerful and fully deserves its place on our list.


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