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CharactersuFortniteisunique NPCswith whom you can communicate for trading purposesWeapons, consumables or for rent. Fortnite characters are found all over the Battle Royale island map and always appear inexactly the same location for every game, with the same items or services for sale.

On this page fromIGN's Fortnite Guide, you can find a complete guide toall current character locationsin Fortnite and what each character has to offer.


Characters change every season in Fortnite. The characters listed on this page are fromChapter 4 Season 3.

All Character Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

There is onetwenty characters in totalin Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. Select one of the characters below to learn more about where you can find them and what products or services they offer:

PhoenixVolpezInnovator ElephantAuraNia
Guardian of AmarA cluePeelyPurradise MeowsclesTreatment
Triage officerKitbashBeastmodeInsightGreat effort
Ammunition expertTrigger fishBryneTurkRiptides
gatherTimePrincess Lexabender

Where to find Fennix in Fortnite

Place:A royal ruin

selling:Combat SMG and Firefly Jar

Look for this fox-like character in the guardhouse south of the Royal Ruin in the Autumn Biome, along the west coast of Battle Royale Island. You can find him walking the catwalk from the upper level to the ground floor of this wooden structure.

Where to find Volpez in Fortnite

Place:The Whispering Hall

selling:Disguising furniture and a machine gun

This wolf-like figure patrols the halls of the Hall of Whispers, a stone fortress southwest of Brutal Bastion. He walks around the area so you won't always find him in the same place, so keep an eye out for the speech bubble that appears on the map.

Where to find Innovator Slone in Fortnite


Place:Southern Ruins

selling:Flapjack Rifle and Grenade

The Elephant Innovator is camping near a mossy tank south of The Apparat, a strange set of ruins east of the Rumble Ruins.

Where to find Aura in Fortnite

Place:Goats and Goats

selling:Thermal DMR and Holo key

Aura is located in a chrome trailer in the back of Hitches and Ditches, a combination trailer park and gas station located across the bridge, north of Frenzy Fields.

Where to find Nia in Fortnite

Place:Most Neon Bay

selling:Explosive repeater and tactical pistol

Nia takes her place at home on the west side of the Neon Bay Bridge. She walks between the ground floor and the upper floor, so be careful when looking for her.

Where to find Guardian Amara in Fortnite


Place:Brutal Bastion

selling:A small shield potion

Guardian Amara walks the catwalk in the western part of Brutal Bastion. Use the Ascender to the north to reach the patrol roof. She used to sell Kinetic Boomerang before it became a vault, so now you can only buy Small Shield Filter from her.

Where to find Trace in Fortnite


selling:DMR thermal gloves and robe

Trace is on the roof of The Apparat, the strange ruins he's "exploring" east of the Rumble Ruins.

Where to find Peely in Fortnite

Place:Shadowy stilts

selling:Shadowhunter and Banana

Our good friend Peely is placed near a statue of...him, north of the Shady Stilts. Surrounded by piles of rotting banana peels, it's hard to miss.

Where to find Purradise Meowscles in Fortnite

Place:Laguna Sunswoon


selling:Havoc Pump Shotgun i Shield Potion

Purradise Meowscles has a bungalow in Sunswoon Lagoon, a landmark west of Creeky Compound in the jungle. Find him on the north side of the lagoon, walking the catwalks.

Where to find medicine in Fortnite

Place:Fields of Madness


Service:Medical specialist

Remedy lives on one of the larger farms in Frenzy Fields, in the northwest corner of this named location. You have to find her on the top floor.

Where to find Triage Trooper in Fortnite

Place:Slappy Shores

selling:With a set

Service:Medical specialist

The Triage Trooper resides in the Slap Room, a bar on the north side of the river that separates Slappy Shores. He often walks around the building, moving from floor to floor, so keep an eye out for his bubble indicator that appears through the walls on the map.

Where to find Kitbash in Fortnite


Place:Breakwater bay

selling:Maven automatic shotgun

Service:Heavy specialist

This strange knight with a toaster for a head stands on a lookout overlooking the docks at Breakwater Bay. He patrols the tower from the ground floor to the top floor.

Where to find Beastmode in Fortnite

Place:Alluvial reef

selling:Drummer shotgun

Service:Heavy specialist

This strange robot rhino can be found in the control room on Drift Ridge, a race track north of MEGA City.

Where to find Insight in Fortnite

Place:The ruins rumble

Services:Council and Storm Circle Scout Expert

Search for Insight on the roof of the Rumble Ruins, a massive stone ruin located in the southernmost part of the new jungle, north of the Frenzy Fields.

Where to find Longshot in Fortnite


Place:Eastern guard

Services:Council and Storm Circle Scout Expert

The Longshot is located on the roof of the Eastern Watch Castle, northeast of the Citadel. There is no unusual way to get to the roof of this tower, other than dropping down directly from the battle bus here or breaking the roof below.

Where to find an ammo expert in Fortnite

Place:Hungarian fuel

selling:Weapon upgrade

Services:Supply Specialist

Fittingly, the Ammunition Specialist hangs out in the garage at Fallow Fuel, a gas station in the Spring biome, just north of Kenjutsu Crossing.

Where to find Triggerfish in Fortnite

Place:Sea guard

selling:Havoc Supressed Assault Rifle and Pistol

The Triggerfish is located north of the area known as Seaside Sentry. It patrols the area from the lookout point northeast of the castle, to the beach along the west coast.

Where to find Bryne in Fortnite


Place:The lighthouse is burning

selling:Small protective filter and protective filter

Bryne wanders the beaches of Burning Beacon, a lighthouse located southwest of Kenjutsu Crossing.

Where to find a Turk in Fortnite

Place:Berg teglenica

selling:Duel, fishing rod and fish shield

Fisherman Turk is on the Berg barge in the northern part of the map, north of the Shady Stilts. You can usually find him wandering the west coast of this landmark.

Where to find Riptide in Fortnite

Place:Berg teglenica

selling:Duel, Fishing Rod and Flopper

Riptide, Turk's fishing counterpart, is also found in Berg Barge, a snowy coastal landmark north of Shady Stilts. It often goes around the fishing tackle south of the ship that is on the shore.

Where to find Stingray in Fortnite


Place:A frigid frog

selling:Sharp tooth shotgun and dueling

This mysterious agent wearing a net on his head can be found in a small, red building located in Frigid Frog, a landmark located north of Lonely Labs in the northeast corner of the map.

Where to find Era in Fortnite

Place:Shadowy stilts

selling:Holo key and crack

Era can be found walking the ruins and paths on the west side of the river that separates the Shady Stilts. This is the northernmost named location in the jungle, northwest of Brutal Bastion.

Where to find Princess Lexa in Fortnite


selling:MK-Alpha Assault Rifle and Shield Potion

Princess Lexa sits atop the Acropolis, befitting the royalty of her role models. You can find her walking on top of the Acropolis on the north side of the castle keep.

Where to find Bender in Fortnite



selling:Bender's shiny metal Raygun and ammo expert

Bender is a new secret hireable character in Fortnite, here to celebrate the crossover between Fortnite and Futurama. You can find Bender on the pier on the southernmost side of MEGA City. You can hire Bender as an ammo specialist to help you fetch ammo, weapons, and other resources.

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