Fortnite: 10 Most Important Characters in The Lore | (2023)

Fortnite: 10 Most Important Characters in The Lore | (1)

Fortnite lore is a bit hard to find. Through many eras and even more stories within those eras, the islands of Fortnite have seen more than floods, disasters and, well, cats. We wouldn't blame you if you need a refresher on who's who in the Fortnite universe. Admittedly, this writing was a good reminder for us too. Below is a countdown of the most important characters in Fortnite. Since Epic likes to push its big reveals, we'll update this story as needed -- for example, as we meet more of the mysterious Seven or learn more about the Imagined Order's chain of command. For now, here are the 10 most important characters in Fortnite history so far.

10. Prisoner

If the theories prove correct, the Prisoner would be the fifth member of the Seven that we have met.

We're reserving this tenth spot on the list for the Prisoner, who may actually be one of the Seven, a secret group that appears to be at war with the Imagined Order (IO) for control of Ground Zero and thus the island of Fortnite. The Prisoner was held captive on Polar Peak by the Ice King in Chapter 1, Season 7, before he melted the frozen mountain and allowed the Prisoner to escape. He later formed a volcano, burning parts of Athens, before no one saw him again. That is, at least, untilHis photo appeared alongside the confirmed members of The Seven in The Bridge, the facility that houses Ground Zero. Whoever put the cap on and decorated it with evidence seems to think the Imprisoned One is a member of the Seven, and judging by his helmet, they might be right.

9. Midas

The man with the supposed golden note just wet everyone in Chapter 2, Season 3.

As the leader of GHOST, the apparent paramilitary and spy branch of the IO, Midas took on a huge role at the start of Chapter 2, becoming the focus of the story for nearly a year. His actions led to major changes in the Fortnite omniverse, such as when he tried to stop the Storm and ended up causing a massive tsunami that flooded the entire island for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. It's clear that he was given great power in GHOST, even though he does that his actions regarding Storm were not approved by the IO, as they could have threatened the stability of Ground Zero. So it seems that Midas defected to the SHADOW shortly before he started his device, which will usher in some of the biggest changes ever to the island.

8. Once

Ultimately, Raz seems to have been a power-hungry pawn.

We've only seen Raza for one season, but he left his mark on the world of Fortnite more than many characters. As a member of some sort of cube fan cult, Raz tried to use the powers of the exposed ground zero for his own mysterious gains in Chapter 2, Season 6, but working in close proximity to the cube's dark energy, he was infected and ended up screwing up Ground Zero to the point that actually pushed Apollo Island onto the map to attack The Last Reality, Fortnite's alien faction. They did just that, which later led to the disastrous cube war. However, the question remains, was Raz revealing Apollo's location exactly what the sensory cubes wanted?

7. Checkered Queen

This destroyer of reality set his sights on Apollo.

The youngest character on this list also seems to be the meanest. The Queen of the Cube arrived during Chapter 2, Season 8, with Raz's approval two seasons earlier. She appears to be the leader of both The Last Reality and thus the cubes themselves, although it is unknown if this was a role she took on or if she was given some sort of indoctrination, like Raz. The Cube Queen is said to have destroyed "countless realities" in the past, like the leader of some kind of interdimensional invading species. The Queen probably sent a cube (named Kevin by the community) in Chapter 1, Season 5 that nearly destroyed the island a season later. At the time of writing, she looks set to claim Apollo as her next trophy, now armed with a full army of dice.

6. Example

Some fans suspect that the Paradigm and the Singularity are the same person.

We know very little about Paradigm so far, but what we do know makes it central to the overall Fortnite mythos. He is one of only four confirmed members of The Seven, a mysterious group of masked characters who look like the original Fortnite superheroes. It is not yet known how much power they possess, but we do know that the Paradigm and its allies are diametrically opposed to the Imaginary Order, seemingly because each intends to confront the Zero Point, but must have different methods to do so. The imagined order has effectively driven out the Paradigm and those like it, but we may be heading towards reassembly and bringing Zero Point back in time.

5. Scientist

A scientist created a black hole that swallowed Athena.

Another confirmed member of the Seven, The Scientist had a direct role in how Chapter 1 ended. When Zero Point on Athena was vulnerable in Age X, The Scientist arrived to deal with Zero Point, though his motives remain unclear. Using a complex system of rockets and fissures, the Scientist fired a rocket directly at Ground Zero, resulting in the Black Hole swallowing Athena whole, later spitting her out as the reborn Apollo. This drastic measure appears to have been the only viable solution to save the exposed ground zero, which previously lay safely deep beneath Loot Lake. Without his efforts, the universe might disappear forever - or was that really his plan?

4. Visitor

When Visitor arrived, Fortnite changed forever.

The Visitor was the first member of the Seven we met in Fortnite history, way back when he landed on the island in a metal capsule of some kind embedded in a meteorite in Chapter 1, Season 3. He quickly got to work and built a rocket, then launched it into the sky leading to Fortnite's first live lore event, Blast Off, in 2018. His intentions with the rocket remain unclear at best, but one theory is that it signaled to the rest of The Seven how could reach Athena and possibly be taken back from IO control. She later reappeared in Season X, bringing the Scientist with her, and until recently was seen as the supposed leader of the Seven, but that's a role we now know belongs to her…

3. Foundation

Can you smell what the Foundation is cooking?

The foundation is all about Fortnite, especially lately, and the fact that it isvoice of Dwayne Johnsontells us that Epic has big plans for this fourth confirmed member of The Seven. You should have read itBatman/Fortnite: Zakladaa one-shot comic to keep you up to date on his goings-on, but these are the notes: The Foundation arrived duringFinal Zero Crisisin Chapter 2, Season 6, and after a brief altercation with Jonesy, he decided to help repair Ground Zero in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Genō and the Sisters, whose identities remain a secret to this day.

The Foundation was stuck inside Ground Zero, holding it together like Atlas, until it was kicked out during an alien invasion and sent to Gotham (yes,andGotham) where he worked with Batman to get back at Apollo. When we last saw him, the Foundation had returned to the Apollo and was now looking for Jonesy. He also helpfully explained his mission—to Batman of all people—saying, "I lead Team...Seven. Our goal is to stop the Order, liberate Ground Zero, and destroy the Loop." Why; We're not sure yet.

2. dr. Sloan

For Sloan, the end always justifies the means.

Sloane has made a name for herself as the ruthless leader of the IO - or at least as the oldest member we've met so far. However, her cruelty is not in question. He first appeared in Chapter 2, Season 7, and recruited loopers (players) to fight the invasion of The Last Reality. But he would later betray them when he left the loops to die in the blast zone of the bomb they helped sneak onto the alien Mothership. However, her betrayal didn't go entirely as planned, as the dice awakened and possessed Apollo, saving some loops but leading toFinal chapter 2.

Slone's story is told through Fortnite, including an unlocked loading screen that shows the lifelong training she went through to get to where she is today. While we don't yet know if she's a match for anyone higher than herself, we do know that she looks set to be pivotal in Fortnite history for a long time to come, as she's directly woven into the web of intrigue surrounding The Seven. and the Imaginary Order.

1. John Jones

As with Jonesy, so is the entire history of Fortnite.

John Jones AKA Agent Jones AKA, better known, Jonesy, is the protagonist of the game Fortnite. Through his eyes and the words of Troy Baker, we experience much of Fortnite's history. Jones was a member of the Imaginary Order sent to repair Ground Zero in Chapter 2, and to that end he enlisted many of his greatest hunters everywhere to help protect it, such as Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, and the Mandalorian. When he was unable to protect him, Jones disobeyed the IO's orders and contacted Seven in the desperate hope that they could save reality. The IO was unwilling to do such a thing as it would reignite the fight between the two sides, so Jones left them for what he saw as the greater good. With the help of the Foundation, Jones was able to protect Ground Zero, at least for a while.

Throughout Fortnite, we've seen Jones reappear as various "snapshots" or alternate versions of himself. When players return to the island and fight for or against Ground Zero (the in-world justification for Battle Royale rounds), they can often come back changed. The many faces that Jonesy wears are therefore alternate versions of the same hero, whether dressed as a taxi, a cow or as Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Jones is in the middle of a conflict between IO and Seven, and his story isn't over yet. In all likelihood, Jones will remain at the heart of Fortnite for years to come – regardless of how he's dressed.

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Who is the most important characters in Fortnite? ›

Most distinguished and famous Fortnite characters
  • Dr. ...
  • Spider-Man (Image via Epic Games)
  • Batman in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
  • Midas (Image via Epic Games)
  • The Visitor (Image via Epic Games)
  • John Jones (Image via Epic Games)
  • The Foundation was revealed to be The Rock (Image via Epic Games)
Jan 29, 2022

Who is the most powerful character in Fortnite lore? ›

1) Ice King

Theories suggest that the Ice King possessed the over-powered Infinity Blade. It is no surprise that he could wield such a powerful weapon because he ruled over an entire kingdom. The Ice King is not just massive in size but can control ice and even The Cube.

Who was the main character in Fortnite? ›

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Agent Jones, the original Jonesy "protagonist" from Reality Zero. He is one of the most crucial characters. Currently working for The Seven as an ally (both Resistance and normal). All Outfits in Fortnite: Battle Royale that use the Jonesy character model.

Is there lore to Fortnite? ›

If you want to really get deep into lore though, you'll find the game actually does have some coherent storylines. Even on a character-to-character basis, like Midas dominating events for a while, getting killed off in a promotional video, and then coming back as a Zombie in the item shop.

Is Doctor Slone good? ›

Doctor Slone is the secondary antagonist of the Fortnite franchise. Doctor Slone was a member of the Imagined Order's Inner Circle, taking orders from Geno. She acts as the main operator of The Bridge albeit a brilliant inventor.

Who is the main villain in Fortnite? ›

Geno is considered the "big bad" of Fortnite. He is the overarching villain of the entire battle royale. Geno has been the puppet master behind every awful incident the island has seen. His on-screen time has been very limited, but he finally appeared in the Fortnite and Marvel crossover comic series.


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