Friday 'Nite: 10 most important characters in history (2023)

Everyone knows Jonesy, but who else should you know?

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Friday 'Nite is a weekly Fortnite column where Mark Delaney takes a closer look at current events in the wider world of Fortnite, with a particular focus on the game's plot, characters and lore.

Fortnite's story is an ever-changing and unpredictable adventure filled with time loops, kaiju battles, hostile invasions from Marvel villains, and more than the occasional dancing banana. Epiclovesstick to the official plot, which leaves the community of gamers, writers, and YouTubers to fill in the blanks as best they can. While some stories come to us only as our best guess, other aspects of the story are considered canon. The sheer number of characters in the game is always a point of emphasis. What are their motivations? Where do they come from? How comethatdoes it look like wood?

In this updated mode for 2022, we get a new lookThe 10 most important characters in Fortnite. We last published this list in November 2021, and as you can see below, there's been a lot of movement based on characters coming on the scene, disappearing, or even dying. We'll continue to revisit the history of Fortnite and rank the most important Fortnite characters, so bookmark this page so you don't miss a single story.

10. Visitor (Previous ranking: 4)

The Visitor was the first member of the Seven we met in Fortnite history, way back when he landed on the island in a metal capsule of some kind embedded in a meteorite in Chapter 1, Season 3. He quickly got to work and made a rocket, then a shot into the sky that led toFortnite's first live lore event, Blast Off, 2018. His intentions with the rocket remain unclear at best, but one theory is that he was signaling to the rest of the Seven so they could reach Athena and possibly take it back from IO's control.

He later reappeared in Season X, bringing the Scientist with him, and until recently was seen as the supposed leader of the Seven, but we've since learned that's not his job at all. These days, The Visitor is the most humble member of The Seven, partly because he's been without a voice for so long, but The Seven remains an exclusive club, so he still gets in.

9. Doctor Slone (Previous place: 2)

Sloane has made a name for herself as the ruthless leader of the IO - or at least as the oldest member we've met so far. However, her cruelty is not in question. He first appeared in Chapter 2, Season 7, and recruited loopers (players) to fight the invasion of The Last Reality. But he would later betray them when he left the loops to die in the blast zone of the bomb they helped sneak onto the alien Mothership. However, her betrayal didn't go entirely as planned, as the dice awakened and possessed Apollo, saving some loops but leading toFinal chapter 2.

I hate that my favorite character looks like this, but Slone is technically dead, hence her dramatic drop in these rankings. He was broken by DoggusChapter 3 Season 2 Final Clash, Slone's role as the central villain of Fortnite's story appears to be over. I take comfort in the knowledge that she is probably very much alive - and so is sheshe seems to have protected herself wellbefore Dogus' giant fist came crashing down on her. I hope, and honestly, that we will see her again one day, but for now I don't think she will be gone for very long.

8. Sisters (previous order: not on the list)

The Sisters are new characters that we could only speculate about the last time we did this ranking, and for now they debut near the middle of the pack. As the last two members of The Seven we met, this pair logically falls together because the twins are so inseparable in the story. Although they don't look alike - the Imagineers seem more like firecrackers compared to the Order, who appear to be their equals - it's their individual strengths that help shape the Seven into the formidable protectors of the island we've come to know them to be.

Imagined seems to like to irritate The Origin with their impulsiveness, but that same quick thinking helps the team stay strong. Class, on the other hand, is more of an intruder and has used his stealth skills to steal critical IO data in the past. Expect their legends to grow in the coming months in Fortnite.

7. Origin (previous order: not listed)

At the beginning of Chapter 3, Season 2, we finally met the true leader of the Seven. Fans once mistakenly attributed this role to The Visitor and The Foundation at different times, but it was actually The Origin that brought the band together. With the beautiful voice of Rahul Kohli, The Origin's origin is still the most mysterious of all the members of the Seven. Physically, she resembles the Queen of the Cube - the outcast supervillain from Chapter 2, Season 8 - with a similar and confused control of the cube's energy that usually indicates an altered, dark force.

In some ways, The Origin seems to control that energy and use it for good, but its common ground with past villains certainly raises an eyebrow. Fortnite's story has been a long time in the making, so it could indeed be years before we find out what the story behind his dark "magic" is, but in the meantime, he seems to be a genuine, hyper-focused, if skeptical leader. - around the hero.

6. Scientist (Previous ranking: 5)

The scientist is Seven's comic relief - not to say that he can't be serious or that he isn't incredibly smart and capable. He happens to be voiced by Joel McHale, so you get what you pay for. McHale injects a lot of comedy into Fortnite's story, which normally focuses on the end of the world, and in the third chapter, third season, he made a good comedy duo with his super AI partner, AMIE, who happens to be in love. with him. When he's not trying to create a robot-friendly friend, the Scientist is often the one building the team's latest marvels of futuristic technology. That's why he hangs out at Synapse Station, tinkering around the garage at all hours of the day.

His rank drops slightly in this latest update for reasons that have less to do with him and more to do with the next character on this list.

5. Paradigma (previous rank: 6)

Paradigm and Scientist switch places in this final power ranking exercise due to Paradigm's key actions in Chapter 3, the Season 2 finale. After being kicked out of The Origin for acting one-sided in Chapter 1's fight between Doggus and Cattus, The Paradigm seems to have spent several years of real life on a moon orbiting the island. She was called into action when some members of The Seven worked to bring her back into The Origin's favor, she was actually the reason they defeated the IOs.

Her restored engineer, Doggus, thwarted IO's attack on the island, and without her intelligence and exceptional piloting skills, it is unlikely that IO will lose control of the island. Paradigm seems to be fully integrated into the team now and doesn't need to prove her loyalties to anyone.

4. Foundation (Previous rank: 3)

The foundation is all about Fortnite, especially lately, and the fact that it isvoice of Dwayne Johnsontells us that Epic has big plans for this fourth confirmed member of The Seven. You should have read itBatman/Fortnite: Zakladaa one-shot comic to keep you up to date on his goings-on, but these are the notes: The Foundation arrived duringFinal Zero Crisisin Chapter 2, Season 6, and after a brief altercation with Jonesy, he decided to help repair Ground Zero in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Geno and the Sisters, whose identities remain a secret to this day.

The Foundation was stuck inside Ground Zero, holding it together like Atlas, until it was kicked out during an alien invasion and sent to Gotham (yes,andGotham) where he worked with Batman to get back at Apollo. He recently returned to the island to run with Jonesy in search of Geno (mentioned below). We're fine with that, because the couple's routine has been amazing so far.

3. The Bloomwatcher (Previous ranking: unranked)

Note that in this one case weI really don't know this character's name. At the time of writing, the character of the mysterious leaf coded villain has only made a brief appearance in theMovie Trailer for Chapter 3 Season 3. We also don't know their motivations, their origins, their allegiances, or basically anything else about them. So why are they ranked so high? Well, because the Season 3 trailer makes it clear that they will play a very important role in the future of Fortnite.

The Tree of Reality spreads its seeds and spreads its roots throughout the island, turning landmarks into changing locations that resemble places we've seen on past Fortnite islands. How do these reality-bending powers work and, more worryingly, what will they be used for? There's so much to take in and so little to go on, but it's clear that this so-called Bloomwatcher is going to take the spotlight.

2. Geno (Previous ranking: not listed)

We've heard Geno's name before, but we didn't rank him until now because he was just that: a name. But now we have a face - sort of - to put to the name. Geno seems to be the real boss of IO. Many have always assumed that Sloane is just the most important agent we've met so far, and it looks like the season 2 finale of Chapter 3 confirmed that. While this new detail about Geno is welcome, we still have many more gaps in our understanding of this shadowy figure.

A look at the image above, which comes from the aforementioned finale, begs a few questions: Why does it have yellow, almost robotic eyes? Is his face adorned with cube energy? Where does he live anyway? As you can see by now if you've read this whole thing, Fortnite loves mysteries, and Geno stepping into the main villain role only brings more questions and gives us very few answers. Unlike The Bloomwatcher, who I expect to be a more immediate villain, I expect Geno's questions to stick around for months, if not years.

1. John Jones (previous rank: 1)

John Jones AKA Agent Jones AKA, better known, Jonesy, is the protagonist of the game Fortnite. Through his eyes and the words of Troy Baker, we experience much of Fortnite's history. Jones was a member of the Imaginary Order sent to repair Ground Zero in Chapter 2, and to that end he enlisted many of his greatest hunters everywhere to help protect it, such as Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, and the Mandalorian. When he was unable to protect him, Jones stood up to the IO commanders and contacted Seven in the desperate hope that they could save reality. The IO was unwilling to do such a thing as it would reignite the fight between the two sides, so Jones left them for what he saw as the greater good. With the help of the Foundation, Jones was able to protect Ground Zero, at least for a while.

Throughout Fortnite, we've seen Jones reappear as various "snapshots" or alternate versions of himself. When players return to the island and fight for or against Ground Zero (the in-world justification for Battle Royale rounds), they can often come back changed. The many faces that Jonesy wears are therefore alternate versions of the same hero, whether dressed as a taxi, a cow or as Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Jones is in the middle of a conflict between IO and Seven, and his story isn't over yet. In all likelihood, Jones will remain at the heart of Fortnite for years to come – regardless of how he's dressed.

Previous order (November 2021)

10. Prisoner

9. Midas

8. Once

7. Checkered Queen

6. Example

5. Scientist

4. Visitor

3. Foundation

2. dr. Sloan

1. Jonesy

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